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Beauty has a way of capturing attention. Beauty treatments & fashion trends has always been in vogue but today more and more people have become conscious about their looks.

One of the first tell-tale signs of a makeup artist is an innate passion to experiment with different looks, try them out on themselves and their friends.

This is where I bring with me experience of training from best hands in industry by Ms Blossom Kochhar herself and using subtle and creative shades on all kind of skin types using best in industry international brands.

Makeup artists should also be aware of which colors look best on different skin tones. Thorough knowledge of different skin types is essential, as some makeup ingredients can cause skin reactions. Knowledge of proper makeup application techniques is also an essential skill.

Having gained this experience of training and working with Looks, I started as a freelancer and have completed a large number of assignments successfully over last 5 years. During this period, I have developed a full team of professionals in all areas of beauty like Hair Stylist, Nail Specialist etc.

The creativity aesthetic and imaginations is the prerequisite of any makeup artist and all these qualities are in abundance in me, by nature. To keep myself updated with latest developments in this field, I keep on attending advanced workshops and short duration courses like Kryalon, Makeup Studio etc.

I specialize in HD / Bridal / Air Brush makeups. Compromising with lower quality products is against my nature and only reputed International brands are used by me.

I have ability to work under pressure and give excellent attention to the minutest details. Through the use of high quality cosmetics and skilled techniques, I improve the skin complexion, conceal all imperfections and highlight specific areas of face to bring a client’s best features. My endeavour is to fulfil the expectations of each client and simultaneously guide the clients as to what would suit them the most.

As I have not rented a salon, my services are most affordable and I work on site and destination functions.




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